Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dear Family and Friends of Cycling Against Sarcoma,

Each year Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston accepts nominations honoring one hundred individuals whose diligence, discoveries, philanthropy, and passion have helped advance the fight against cancer.  We are asking that you submit a nomination on Jeff’s behalf for this honor.

The MGH One Hundred is a group of 100 individuals who have "contributed to the fight against cancer in creative and meaningful ways." Jeff is a shoe-in for the award but we need to have everyone we know nominate him. There is strength in numbers.Multiple nominations for Jeff increase the chance that he will be selected.  Just click on the link below and follow the 3 simple steps to nominate Jeff.

Step 1: Please enter the below information:
I wish to Nominate: Jeff Guyer
Nominee’s Organization (title): examples include "Inspirational Writer," "Founder of Team Jaguar's Cycling Against Sarcoma," "Patient, Philanthropist, Optimist, and Creator of the Inspirational Blog, Living with the Big C," or any other designation you see fit.
Nominee’s Address:  c/o Autumn Guyer, Boston, MA 02114
Nominee’s Phone Number:  Leave Blank    
Nominee’s E-mail AddressAutumn.Guyer@gmail.com

Step 2:
Enter your address

Step 3: Required is a short essay (at least 250 wordsdescribing specific examples of how Jeff has contributed to the fight against cancer and what he has done that has affected you and the entire community.

Examples of how Jeff inspired us all may include a discussion about his blog, “Living with the Big C,” (http://jeffsfightwithcancer.blogspot.com/)  which remains a prime example of how Jeff inspired us to “breathe in hope, breathe out love” and despite difficult times to always remember to enjoy every day. Another example of Jeff’s contribution to cancer was through his clear understanding of the need for fundraising to support basic science research to one day find a cure to sarcoma and all cancers. By founding “Team Jaguar” he inspired us all to raise money through the Dana Farber Cancer Center/Pan Mass Challenge website. Many of you rode your bike in one of the organized bike rides this year to raise money for cancer research and many more of you raised money as virtual riders. Over the past year and a half, Team Jaguar has raised over $190,000 that will go directly to sarcoma research. We will continue to raise money in honor of Jeff until we find that cure to sarcoma and all other cancers.

Please forward this email to everyone you know and post it on your Facebook page. 

Love Always,
Autumn Guyer

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