Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Breathe in Hope, Breathe out Love

A month ago my sister manufactured bracelets that display our new family mantra: "Breathe in Hope, Breathe out Love." My mom introduced these bracelets on a comment back in June and we've had a very positive response. Thank you to everyone who is presently wearing the bracelets and supporting my fight.

I wanted to officially introduce the bracelets on the blog and add a fundraising element; we just ordered more bracelets and are happy to send them out to you (wherever you may live). We ask in return that you donate to Sarcoma research.

This time I'm not running a race or biking across a state, this time the donation WILL go towards research for my survival! Please donate whatever you can.

Here's how to Receive your Bracelet and Donate to Support Sarcoma Research:
  1. Write an email to my parents being sure to include your Name, Address and # of Bracelets. They can be reached at
  2. Click the "donate link" on the right of the screen and follow the instructions or follow below link:
  3. Don't forget to sign the guest book on the donation site and leave a message.

Thank you so much for your support!


p.s. If you had donated before, rest assure that your contributions went to the same site that these newer donations will filter into. The new donation website, sponsored by Dana-Farber, allows us to designate the contributions to the same organizations I had previously linked with the added benefit of a specialized interface. Please do visit the new site, sign the guest book and leave a message.

p.p.s. If you previously received a bracelet but haven't donated, I ask that you donate now.

p.p.p.s. Autumn and I are now accepting hand modeling gigs :)


  1. Jeff
    Glad to read that you are feeling strong. I have not posted a comment in a while, but am constantly thinking of you. I am so proud of your strength and attitude. Also wanted to let you know that we were teaching a course with your GLIF port at UCSF and they were very impressed. Your brainchild is being used all over the country at this point and soon internationally as well. I took some pics for you which I am sending to your Gmail account. Stay strong my friend, you WILL kick its ass.

  2. We're proud to wear the blue bracelets! We support you, your family and everyone who is battling. Friends and family can expect bracelets for gifts this year! Can't think of a better gift. Keep up the great work and the optimism, it's contagious.