Monday, August 30, 2010

Preparing for Round 4, Ogunquit & Kennebunkport

The waiting game starts the day before a round of chemotherapy; waiting for someone in the hospital to complete their treatment so that I can start mine. No matter how much the doctors and nurses plan, hospital beds open up when people feel better and I need a bed to start my treatment. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I'll call the hospital and see where I stand. Starting on Tuesday means I get one more day to recoup before the weekend but we have to wait.

This past weekend Autumn and I closed our doors to visitors and had a family weekend. We spent all Friday evening researching dog friendly Bed and Breakfast's within a reasonable drive and Saturday morning we packed up the car towards Maine.

Our first stop was a little artist town called Ogunquit just south of Portland, Maine. We spent the early afternoon at Perkin's Cove walking in and out of the little town's shops and watching the crab boats and sailing vessels navigate through the pier.

After lunch we continued our drive north to Kennebunkport, Maine and checked into our Bed and Breakfast called the Hounds Tooth Inn. Not only was this place "dog friendly," but they actually catered to dogs. They had wide open spaces for their dog guests to run wild and jars of dog biscuits and raw hides decorated each room. Benson was in doggie heaven!

The inn keepers at Hounds Tooth also recommended dog friend itineraries during our visit in Kennebunkport and Benson accompanied every meal and every adventure. It was great to get out and about with our little family!

No canes and or wheelchairs, I felt very accomplished. It wasn't too long ago that I remember wishing to go on a vacation where I could walk around without assistance. If the next three rounds make me feel as good as the last three rounds have made me feel, then I should be in pretty good shape come October so bring on Round 4!

Below is a picture of a little souvenir Benson picked up in Kennebunkport!


  1. OMG - Benson's little lobster costume is so cute! I am usually not a fan of dog's wearing clothes, but this is just too adorable!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Good luck this week. Love my new bracelet!

  3. I just let out an audible "Awww" in my office looking at Benson's lobster outfit and it's perfect for Halloween too! Good luck on Round 4 and looking forward to seeing you and the family soon! So proud of you Jeffwweeee, keep up the fight!Xoxo

  4. Love the site-seeing tour - keep it up! I like how you say Benson picked up a souvenir:) Most 'kids' start wearing their Halloween costumes the minute Sept 1 rolls around. You should be in treatment by now but wanted to let you know you were in my thoughts as I pulled my first shift at GreySun's school as the 8th grade POC (parent on campus). I love my bracelet and so does Tom; he thought it would be appropriate for his disease as well (since he cannot breathe).

  5. been thinking about you. good luck this week. I wear the bracelet everywhere i go.