Friday, November 12, 2010

The End of the Chemo Brazilian

And just like that my hair grows back, soft as a rabbit's foot! For a touch, please make a reservation at Hotel de Guyer. We've added a new aerobed to our accommodations.

This was pretty funny: Last weekend Autumn and I completed our monthly crusade to Costco and the guy checking us out was hassling me about using a friend's membership card. "No really that's me!" I said and he replied, "The member on the card should always be present at checkout." I guess the shaved head, glasses and full beard threw him off!

Lately I've been feeling pretty good. I've had a great two weeks of work / normal life and next week I start another infusion (round 3 of Yondelis for those keeping count). This coming weekend starting yesterday is the annual CTOS (Connective Tissue Oncology Society) Meeting in Paris, the largest annual "sarcoma specific" meeting and my hopes are that something great will come out of the combined brainpower of the world's sarcoma experts!

Until then I've been consuming a lot of my free time researching new cancer treatment methods, cancer prevention diets and holistic lifestyle guides. It's an interesting obsession but exchanging red meat for fruit and grains, cutting out my nightly pint of ice cream and reducing the intake of chemical preservatives can't be bad for you.

Yesterday was a long "Day-o-Scans." Five hours of CT and MRI Scans after which all I got to take home was a lousy chemical aftertaste from the contrast. I swear there's no reason to have all those scans every 6 weeks. I scheduled a meeting with a radiologist on Monday to devise a better CT/MRI follow up plan.


  1. Looking good, Jeff! I really want to stay at Hotel Guyer and visit you guys. Hoping I can make a reservation soon!

  2. I hope you shave the beard and keep the 'stache. Nothing says "I can beat cancer" better than a creepy mustache!

  3. A creepy mustache would totally be outdone by a handle bar mustache!! Nothing says "I will kick the big C in the nuts" like a thick handle bar.

    If you ever need some ideas, check out

    xoxo positive vibes to boston xoxo
    Baharan & Brooks

  4. reservation for 2 cucuberries in 11 days please! so excited to see both of you.

  5. Looking good and glad to hear that you're feeling strong! Thinking about you and sending good vibes your way. Sheri