Thursday, October 28, 2010

Round 2 Concludes

The treatment has gone by without incident. Monday and Tuesday were a breeze, likely due to the high dose steroids. Wednesday was a little rough, but today I started to feel better again.

Today was a beautiful day in Boston, sunny and around 75 degrees. It felt like summer! I had to run an errand which brought me through the public gardens and as I was passing through, I paused there for awhile. Benson and I found a nice tree to lay underneath and we watched the squirrels and ducks play in the park while listening to people nearby playing the saxophone. I stared at the sky for a long time thinking how small we all are and how beautiful and precious life is.

In the evening I had arranged a man date with a friend and we sporatically decided to catch a Bruins game. The TD Garden is a quick 10 minute walk from my place and it sounded like a fun idea; plus I hadn't been to the garden yet! We went to the box office and asked for two of their cheapest tickets which the lady whom was helping us informed us would be $130/ticket. So we turned around and left!

Upon exiting the garden a gentleman approached us and asked if we wanted to see the game and gave us free tickets! So we turned around again and went back inside! A great game and a great "conclusion" to this week's treatment. I still feel a little weak but things are on the rise and the worst is definately over.


  1. Jeff

    Free tickets are definitely cool. I got a free pair from a Disney employee to get into the park, when I was a resident. Did the Bruins win at least? Glad to hear that the worst part of this round is over.


  2. Alice gave me the information about your blog! Thank you for sharing your experiences with other people. My husband and I are cheering for Team Guyer. We will be sending positive thoughts to Boston from Texas. Oh and about one of your older posts...I found that if I chew up my pain meds that my stomach can handle them better. They taste horrible but it isn't anything a yummy banana shake can't wash away.

    Baharan & Brooks

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Just learned about this Blog from your Dad. Thanks for sharing your feelings and adventures. I will be thinking about you as well as the entire Guyer family. I'm almost a 5-year survivor of prostate cancer.

    My best.

    Phil Shalen (aka Dr. Phil).

  4. Hey Jeff, glad to hear all is well! Keep praying and being're making it look too easy!


  5. Nice score with the free tickets! Keep it up Jeff, you positive attitude never ceases to amaze me :)