Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two Weeks of Vacation

The past two weeks have been unbelievable. Out of Yondelis recovery I felt great, even normal. I worked a full two weeks and over the weekends Autumn, Benson and myself went on two great road trips. Over the past two weeks I've almost forgotten about cancer and doctor's appointments, and have just enjoyed living life my with Autumn and Benson.

The first trip was for Benson's first birthday. He had always wanted to go to "The Black Dog" and so for his first birthday we promised him a trip to Martha's Vineyard. We all had a blast navigating the buses and visiting the little fishing towns around the island. Benson played on the beach, ran around all the little parks and was offered treats everywhere we went (cookies, dog treats, ice cream!). We walked a ton (3-5 miles/day) with very little pain. I think I wore Autumn and Benson out and by the end of the day, ALL of our feet were aching.

The second trip was for our One Year Wedding Anniversary! We drove up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire to take in the foliage and return to nature. It was a great weekend of hiking nature trails, exploring waterfalls and traversing New Hampshire's covered bridges. Benson spent most of the time off-leash with a grin on his face that said, "This is what my four legs were made for!"

Returning home from the weekend on our actual anniversary we ceremoniously ate our wedding cake.. which is still delicious!

And tomorrow starts Round 2 of Yondelis.

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  1. I think the cake was great the first time?? Yeah it was.