Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strike Two - Liver Slowly Heals

I didn't get to start chemo today either! My liver enzymes are still too high so we're going to push the next blood test back until Monday.

The good news is that we have three friends visiting this weekend and I'll be feeling great; however, I'd be lying if I didn't say we were all a little disappointed that I couldn't start my treatment. Although Yondelis isn't the end all drug to my treatment, the literature from recent studies is very promising. It's about a coin flip whether or not I'll respond to the drug and if I do then there's a great chance that this drug can be helpful.

We're keeping our heads up and pushing through. I did find a yondelis study protocol that said patients can be delayed up to 3 additional weeks after the 21 day cycle. Tomorrow will make week 1 of the delay.

Breathing in Hope and Breathing out Love...


  1. Hey JAG,

    Nick just showed me this blog.

    I'll pray for you. Stay Strong!


  2. I'm sorry about the recent setback. You are such an inspiration, staying strong, focusing on the positive. I'm amazed at the fun, adventurous things that you're doing with Autumn. It takes initiative to do those things even when you're healthy. A lot of people sit on the couch watching TV. That you're exploring and adventuring is a testament to your inner strength and zest for life.