Friday, February 11, 2011

The Poo Shot!

Recently I've been introduced to a new drug we've been calling the "Poo Shot!" It's called methylnaltrexone and it counters the effects of opiod induced constipation, almost instantaneously. Seriously, I receive a shot in my arm and within 12 minutes I'm running to the bathroom. Genius!

Among other nonsensical trials and tribulations I was temporarily (and mistakenly) transferred to a nursing home instead of to a rehab facility, I rode in two different ambulances in the same day and still only managed to lose a week or so in my healing progress.

That being said, we are in a MUCH better place now and finally getting the help that I need! I'm staying at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center Boston and should be here for a week or so. Today after all the initial PT/OT evaluations I had some very successful physical therapy sessions which are already showing their effect.

Thanks for all the well wishes and good thoughts.


  1. So ridiculously proud of you! Love to see you smiling, hearing that you can take "dumps" or as I say "play lone ranger" makes me happy!!!

  2. So good they finally found the right place!!!! The big oafs! I love seeing your face and hearing about medicine that works!!! XXXX LOVE YOU XXXX

  3. Jeff, it sounds like you are in much better spirits. I am so happy you can laugh about being taken to the wrong place and I am really looking forward to seeing you next week! Stay positive, stay strong, everyone reading this blog loves you and is sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Jeff, I will refrain from all the scatological comments - hard for me to do, but I will rise to the occasion. SO glad to hear you're in the right place for more healing, AND that they have bathrooms available! More important, keep up that good hard work of continuing to get better. We are all behind you. xoxoxoxo

  5. That sounds like an amazing shot. We do always end up talking about poo, huh? Glad you're going and smiling about it! Love you!

  6. Hi Jeff,

    I am so glad for the POO shot. I will say that not being able to go to the bathroom makes for an EXTREMELY uncomfortable day. Yay for poop! Yay for medicince! Yay for feeling better! and Yay for friends and family!


  7. Leave it to poo to be the best feeling of the week. Glad you're enjoying the little things. Stay tough.

  8. Wait, no citation at all on my Perez Hilton skillz?!! (Although I see that you tweaked it--as you obviously were going to do:)

  9. Thinking of you Mr. Guyer! Wishing you a pain-less and poop-ful future.