Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Slow Transfer to Spaulding

My transfer to Spaulding Rehab Clinic was officially scheduled for Sunday despite being medically "approved" for discharge last Friday, having to wait the requisite three extra days in the hospital while the healthcare practitioners and insurance companies figure out the details of my transfer. The inefficiencies with our healthcare system are laughable. Nevertheless I have very little to complain about in my private 22nd floor suite overlooking the Boston's skyline and the Charles River.

Stuck at MGH for yet another weekend we were able to make the best out of our final days at MGH. Being that this was my second round of hospitalization for a procedure followed by rehabilitation (round 1 was for radiation 2 weeks prior), I was able to best take advantage of all the services MGH had to offer. We requested PT and OT everyday and spent the rest of our time practicing my new exercises. We also spent a lot of time ensuring that the transition to Spaudling would be less hectic (i.e. does not include a trip to the nursery home).

Now fully understanding how easily muscles can de-condition, we took the therapy very seriously and religiously repeated our exercises throughout each day. Also, in talking to the therapists at MGH we learned that it's imperative to be placed on the correct floor / service within Spaulding; each floor is dedicated to the rehabilitation of different treatment categories: traumatic brain injuries, stroke, muscular-skeletal problems, and spinal cord injuries. Last time I was assigned to a general rehab floor mostly covering traumatic brain injury, stroke and cerebral palsey. For my next stint at Spaulding we requested to be serviced by the spinal cord injury service.

p.s. Over the weekend I pooped four times (2 each day), all natural! How you like that poo shot!

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