Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life at Spaulding

My new room is located directly across the hallway from my old room. It's a double room on the wrong floor; however, we were promised that the vacant bed would not be filled and that I would be monitored by the doctors / therapists from the ninth floor, which handle the spinal cord injury patients. So all is well, and I quickly settled back into my new home away from home.

Monday was mostly a skills assessment / therapist introduction day and Tuesday we jumped head first into my therapy. I've been walking, using exercise machines, lifting weights, practicing balancing exercises and learning various other techniques to either compensate or strengthen muscles that have become de-conditioned. All I can really say is that I am extremely sore and have been able to really push myself with very little pain.

It's truly amazing at how much you can push your body in the absence of pain. In my first visit to Spaulding I was in so much pain that I couldn't do anything. It's a great feeling to make progress in my therapy and everyday the exercises get a little easier, I can walk a little further and my legs can carry a little more weight. I've even started to practice stairs (one of the major bottlenecks to returning home) and today I climbed 120 steps!


  1. Thinking of you all the time (and your poops too), love you lots!

  2. Jeff you are an amazing person! I often sit and think of what a strong soul you are. Our little group was so lucky to have had you join our little group back when Sara and I had our weekly apartment parties. I randomly think of all your crazy thoughts....example: dustinis, poonugets, and squggly pickels. Always makes me laugh!

  3. By the way this is melissa for some reason it will not let me post my AIM account:(

  4. great news to hear....

    saludos a Pedro


  5. Yay for poop and stairs! Have a great weekend, Jeff!


  6. You are a ROCKSTAR!!! Keep rocking those escaleras!


  7. So happy to see you climb those stairs!!! Everything, including your poop machine, seems to working just fine! So proud of you, because I know it isn't easy. I love you. XXXX As ever.