Friday, March 4, 2011

World Got My Head

When I woke from my surgery two weeks ago, gaining consciousness from anesthesia, this song was waiting for me in my inbox. Still recovering from the dreamlike state after the operation I listened to this song; it was very moving. My childhood friend Barton David wrote this song for me, inspired by my fight. I couldn't figure out how to post an mp3 by itself so I made a photo collage of my journey thus far. I hope you all enjoy the song as much as I do (and the photo collage).

"World Got My Head"

Hopeless to hope I go, and then I circle back
Running from these thieves, they're chasing hard down my own track
And I don't know what they want from me
Or who they see
And just what I've got left for them
And me

World got my head uptight
It's too much to take sometimes
The street lights glow every night
But the shadows don't stay

Lowest to low, I'm reaching out for something new
I keep up with the times, but stay a drifter through and through
Don't no one take a thing from me
That I don't give
Except this little life I put aside
To live


  1. It is beautiful! We love you guys!
    K & E Frisch

  2. amazing song! lots of love as always!!!! p smalls

  3. How beautiful! The song, you, Autumn, Benson and this struggle called life.

  4. Such a beautiful song and slideshow, but I already told you that in person :)! Dan and I had such a nice visit with you, Autie, and Mom. And, of course, Benson when he wasn't shitting on my magazine or whining like a baby :)! Keep up the good work so you can get out of Rehab on Thursday!!! Love and miss you.

  5. a moving song and a beautiful slideshow.

  6. jeff love the song and your video we are so proud of you you are doing great so glad your home now

  7. What a beautiful, beautiful song, Jeff! And a wonderful slide show to go with it. We're always thinking of you and you're on our "mi sheberach" list every single day! Now your fight has an uplifting anthem! David

  8. melanie rashbaumJune 5, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!