Saturday, March 19, 2011

Team Jaguar Launches "Cycling Against Sarcoma"

This year to raise money for Sarcoma Research some very close friends of mine have arranged a series of bicycle rides. There are two rides but three ways to participate: join the “Head to the Hills” ride in Dallas, Texas; participate in the “Ride To Montauk” out of New York City; or support the team as a virtual rider.

Here's how to participate:
1.) Register for the ride(s) for which you wish to participate.
2.) Setup your personal fundraising page through
3.) Email your PMC registration ID.
4.) Start Collecting Funds and Start Riding!!!!
* NOTE: If you are participating as a virtual rider, then skip step 1.

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Choosing your BICYCLE RIDE
1.) "Head to the Hills" Cedar Hill, Texas - May 7, 2011 Follow links to register.
Choose from 10-, 20-, 40- and 60-mile rides.
Sign up as a "Team Member Rally Participant" for only $20.
Be sure to designate you are with "Team Jaguar."
Registration closes March 31st 2011 so register now!

2.) "Ride to Montauk" Long Island, New York - June 18, 2011
Choose from 30-, 70-, 100-, or 145-mile rides.
Sign up as a single rider for $82. This ride is more expensive, but includes more amenities. Follow prompts regarding how to get back from Montauk. The ride organizers offer to take you and your bike back to your starting point, as no bikes are allowed on the LIRR this weekend (this is the easiest option); however, we are working on a possible cheaper option for those of you with inexpensive bikes. For now, if you aren't sure which method you want to use, put "I am getting my bike and me home on my own." You can always change it later.
Register as soon as possible as the price increases after June 8th 2011!

Regardless of how you choose to participate with Team Jaguar, you will be registering through PMC as a “Virtual Rider.” We are NOT participating in the actual Pan-Mass Challenge ride.
  1. Go to and select "Virtual Riders, Just Click Here" at the top of the page.
  2. Setup your personal fundraiser page and goal. Set your goal within reason according to your best estimate, but don't sell yourself short. Ideally, pick as your goal either $500, $1000, or $1500. At minimum, we ask that you please raise $350.
  3. Email with your PMC ID so he can add you to our team page. This is very important to keep track of all Team Jaguar Participants and allow us to build team spirit as we watch our fundraising numbers grow. This also ensures all the funds raised go specifically to sarcoma research.
  4. Start raising money by sharting your “eGift” link with friends and family that would like to sponsor you.


Thank you all for your support and your enthusiasm. The sooner you register for a ride and get your virtual rider page up and running, the sooner you can start asking your friends and family to support you and help you reach your goal. Please contact Zac Bleicher with any questions or comments you might have ( or (312) 650-9222).

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