Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Navelbine & More Radiation

Yesterday was a pretty hectic day starting early in the morning with a physical therapy treatment at home. After PT I had just enough time to take a shower and head over to MGH for a series of afternoon appointments and the day concluded with a second round of Navelbine.

The first set of appointments investigated the shoulder pains I started to notice last Tuesday and to review the results of the MRI Scans from last Sunday. The doctor's weren't exactly surprised that I had symptoms in my shoulder and they all unanimously agreed to treat these new pains with radiation. Unlike my last round of radiation there didn't seem to be any spinal cord compression but rather tumor interaction with the exiting nerve roots. As this is a very difficult place to operate, let's hope this round of radiation works better.

Between appointments we barely had time to scarf down a pizza for lunch from the downstairs Yawkey cafeteria, which I must say is amazing, before we were expected at another doctor's appointment to start my next round of chemotherapy. All blood work looked great and they sent me upstairs to the infusion room for a little stronger dose this time: last round was 1/2 dose, this round was 2/3 dose. All was well received and we returned home around 5ish after a very full day of therapy and treatments.

For the rest of the week I'm setup for 10 rounds of radiation, the first of which was just completed today (Tuesday)!


  1. To my cousin Jeff..(little buddy) I am so proud of you. First of all I will always be there for you, thats what family does. These past few days seeing the daily routine you go through I don't think anyone really understands what you are going through (except for few people). You my friend are an amazing man who is showing an exemplarily will to live. even through your moments of weakness I still see the fight in you.
    Im so happy that I could help you while Autie and Mom were away, its something I will always remember and something I am honored by.
    I would happily help you anytime, your my man..don't forget it.

  2. Thanks Maft.. (big buddy). Your help this week was not just enjoyed but critical to survival.. Really!

  3. I walk by the Jeff Guyer nameplate at work every day. It works for me as a way to feel connected with you and your fight, Jeff. It's just a piece of plastic, but it's enough to do the trick. The blog helps, of course, way more!

    I just returned from 3 weeks in Nepal, living with Sherpa people and commencing a project to build a school there. The simplicity of their lives and the Buddhism that underlies all they do are good reminders of the things that really matter. Take one day at a time. Honor the work. Help others. Respect life. Give...

  4. Keep up the fight Jeffweee! Love you. I'll be up after I get back from trip. Xoxo

  5. praying that the radiation will go well.