Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday's Pile of Bricks

I believe the second day out of chemotherapy is the worst day. I was shocked at how I felt Thursday and Friday, but everything came to a halt on Saturday.

The entire day I felt like I was starring in a zombie movie, sluggishly dragging my body around town drooling on the people I passed. Even so, I managed to walk a great distance throughout the day (2-3 miles) and must have drooled on at least 200 onlookers.

For dinner the family went to Chinatown. There's something in Hot & Sour soup that cuts right through the chemo. It's really great and I swear there must be a correlation; maybe it's those weird stringy mushrooms or maybe it's the extra scoops of spicy paste that I add. Whatever it is, it works!


  1. I keep thinking of you, Jeff. You are doing a great job and have a fantastic outlook!

  2. Hi Jeffrey!

    For sheer tenacity, you are proving to be a real hero! As the Jewish New Year begins, my hope and prayer is, of course, for a full remission and return to a normal life - soon! I'll be thinking of you and Autumn throughout the coming days and continuing to hope for only good news!

    Love,David (and Marcie)

  3. Hooray for the "S's"...Stringy mushrooms, Spicy paste, and a big "S" for your Sense of humor! Stay Strong, Jeff. You are doing great so far!