Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uma Pequena Notícia Boa

Several weeks ago we submitted blood samples for genetic testing. Based on my family tree and medical history they tested me for BRCA 1/2 & p53 mutation, both which would shed some light on the origin of my sarcoma.

Today we received the results and everything was negative! Although this doesn't explain the presence of my sarcoma, this is great news and means that I'm not at any elevated risk for developing any additional sarcomas or cancers for that matter. I have the same cancer risks as anyone else. It also means my parents/grandparents are off the hook for passing down bad genes.

As far as why I developed a sarcoma, my geneticist explained that either I just have bad luck or I developed the tumor based on environmental factors. Which brings me to my initial hypothesis: Diet Coke, McDonalds (minus their vanilla cones), artificial sugars and microwaves give you cancer! Watch Out!


  1. Please don't let it be the vanilla cones! They're too delicious to cause cancer.

    I don't know you but stumbled across your blog and find it insightful and inspiring. Sending positive vibes your way from NYC!

  2. We are with you all the way!

    From Dr. Hai and family.

  3. Jeff, i'm catching up with your news and, as always, thinking of you. keeping fingers crossed for this new treatment protocol. we missed you in Chicago but you and Autumn were there with us in spirit. lots of love to you both xoxoxoxo

  4. I hate Diet Coke, good call Jeff! Hugs :)