Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healing Throat, More Blood, More Radiation

From the 21st floor, I've been resting my throat for the past couple of days and my strep throat times one billion has been down-classed to a strep throat times one thousand. Though I'm still consciously resting my throat, I've been slowly introducing soft foods to my diet: Cream of Wheat, Ensure, Jello and Ice Cream. By Sunday, after just three days of rest, I started to feel a huge improvement. I feel like a couple more days of rest should allow me to resume eating a wider range of foods.

Sunday also brought another blood infusion. I'm getting a little worried that I'm starting to crave these infusions. I pre-warn everyone to keep their distance from me around full moons. I can feel my incisors growing.

On Monday night I had an MRI scan of my shoulder to further investigate the pains I've been complaining about for the past month or so. Initially we scanned and consequently radiated the cervical spine. This time we took an MRI of the actual shoulder bones and rotator cuff.

Today we received the results: tumors growing throughout my shoulder bones with the recommendation of another round of radiation to my left shoulder. Things moved pretty fast this afternoon and not only were we able to schedule an appointment to plan the radiation treatment but we were also able to initiate the first treatment! The plan is to have five treatments to be completed by Saturday.

Funny side note, we were supposed to start treatment tomorrow and complete treatment by mid next week; however, my mom pulled out the Jewish card and asked if we could be finished before Passover.

P.S. No big surprise but we're skipping chemotherapy this week :)


  1. Hi Jeffy Weffy, I had a wonderful time with you this weekend even if we were couped up in the hospital. I am glad your throat is starting to feel better and you are eating a little more each day. I love you so much and miss you already. I hope you feel well enough to come home soon. Love, Me

  2. glad your throat is feeling better, jeff. You're in my thoughts always.

  3. I heard the news over the Pi Kapp listserve and have been in denial since. I have always looked up to you and would like you to know that I am available to talk whenever - as are the countless others who obviously have your back. Please get better soon so we can drink some beers together.

  4. Hey, Jeff, first bike ride done and i would say a success - of course i'm saying this from the sidelines. :) Sharon, Zac, Robby and others finished the miles they planned on - and the rest of us cheered them at the finish line. A great accomplishment and so much good work done for sarcoma research. you were with us today all the way, kiddo.