Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sag Harbor, Bagel Buoy for Passover

For passover and Autumn's Birthday we ventured out to the Hampton's to spend time with our Aunt Rose, presently battling ovarian cancer, and the rest of the Apollo / Chandler family. My mom joined us for the weeekend which I thought was very admirable as she really didn't know anyone there minus the few minutes she had met Autumn's family at our wedding! A three hour car ride and three ferries later, we finally made it. It was nice to get out of Boston see the family.

We celebrated passover and ate our obligatory Bagel Buoy bagels. Autumn's family owns and operates a bagel store in Sag Harbor so it's generally our duty consume as many bagels and nova and whitefish salad while we're there. Benson of course had a blast too. Funny side note, during the passover seder when we were asked to clean our hands we passsed around a bottle of calstat! We thought it was a nice modern adaptation, especially in light of the mix of health care providers and patients at the table.

There was cake and festivities throughout the weekend; though between Rose and I we mainly stayed close to home and got some good R&R time with the family.

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