Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back on Track with Navolbine Round 5

I've began to better manage my expectations with radiation, knowing things get a little worse before they get a little better. Post one week of radiation to my cervical spine and shoulder area I feel a little stiff but every day feels a little better and I'm able to get more movement from both my neck and shoulder. This round I've also been able to avoid the sore throat feeling of last time which is a major plus.

This past weekend, on Friday, I was released from the hospital and we've had a nice stream of visitors which has been great on the morale.  I know I don't always mention everyone that visits or calls or keeps pushing me forward, but know who you are and that your company and encouragement is well needed.

Today blood counts were also sufficient to resume another round of Navolbine. It's not that we think Navolbine is the end all and be all chemotherapy treatments for my disease, but it's important to give each and every drug we encounter a full opportunity control this disease. With respects to effectiveness and statistics of drugs, it doesn't matter if a drug is 10% successful or 90% successful, rather it just matters that it does hold MY disease at bay.

This week also started the Chahuli exhibit at the MFA which is really amazing if you get a chance to come visit.

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  1. Oh, I'm so happy to read your blog and see the photographs of you with everyone, just a fraction of the people who love you and wish you well every day of the week. And I'm also glad that you escaped the hospital and treatment for awhile while visiting Sag Harbor -- what a beautiful place to rest and relax and take deep breaths. We in Delaware LOVE YOU XXXXX