Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Head to the Hills" Charity Ride

The "Head to the Hills" Charity Ride along with the entire weekend's festivities were all great hit. Thanks in parts to my friends and family along with our extended Texas Back Institute (TBI) family we were able plan fun events for everyone to rally behind and raise almost $20,000 in research money for liposarcoma research.

In addition to the bike ride, TBI held a silent auction for gift baskets, baked cookies, sold raffle tickets and sold T-Shirts featuring a Jeff Guyer original painting. Below are some excerpts from the weekend:
  • "When I saw everyone wearing the T shirts this morning with Jeffrey’s painting on the back side, it brought tears to my eyes.  I cannot tell how touched and appreciative of everything my TBI family has done to support us both emotionally and spiritually during these most difficult times.   Through your friendship, generosity, compassion and love, you have given me the strength and courage to meet each new day with hope.  No words can describe my feelings and love for all of you.  Thank you so much!" - Richard Guyer
  • "$8328.00!  It is very humbling to see how a team of 150 employees can together raise so much money!!!!  Congratulations to every single employee who participated by purchasing a t-shirt, helping create those amazing baskets, baking cookies buying raffle tickets and bidding on the baskets.  It is so rewarding to see how a group of people can come together so successfully for such a worthy cause.  Special recognition to the Community Outreach Committee for all their hard work and efforts to pull the event off with a special thanks  to Sara Brice for leading the efforts, and keeping us all informed with the latest bids throughout the day….. No small task and very appreciated.  We also need to recognize Liz Palos for her beautiful and highly popular cake balls!  Everyone should go home tonight very proud of what we have accomplished! THANK YOU" -Stephanie Boston, PHR
  • "Jeffrey is an inspiration to us all.  Giving to the Guyer family is very easy.  You are loved by all.  In addition to the incredible personal generosity of the TBI family, the TBI partnership has chosen to add another $10,000 to the donation.  I also know that several on the team will be riding (real riding; not virtual) in the bike ride this weekend.  Hisey and Lieberman—send us pictures!!  Jeffrey, I know I can speak for all in saying Keep up the Fight.  You are in our hearts and prayers." -Trish Bowling
  • "I am so honored to be a part of an organization that walks the talk. From March 25 through today, I have been blessed to have met every TBI employee and I really feel I am an integral part of this organization. I wish you all could experience what I have been able to do these past weeks. We have learned from each other and laughed to the point of tears in some cases. Today was the culmination of my experience. This was an idea that was not at all in the plans. The committee supported my idea. And then every department supported it.  And everyone who purchased a raffle ticket or bid on an item or brought food or wore a shirt or ate an item from the bake sale or worked the auction today became a part of it. It is with such gratitude that I write this. I am humbled by your generosity - in spirit and in tangible ways.  Thank you all for everything today. YOU are what makes TBI great. My family's prayers and love to Jeffrey and the whole family." -Sara Brice
  • "I too want to thank each and everyone of you for all the love and support you have shown our family.  Walking in the room today and seeing how incredible all the baskets were from all your hardwork and clever handicrafts made me proud and definitely touched my heart. I LOVE the pet basket I got - actually Jeffrey and Autumn's dog Benson will absolutely LOVE it!  I have been running second in the PMC site for Team Jaguar (way after Dr. G) all this time until today when you guys wiped me out but that's OK!  Thanks for all you do and for who you are!" -Shelly Guyer

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