Sunday, May 15, 2011

Provincetown, Getting out of Dodge

Immediately following my final radiation treatment on Friday we packed up the car and headed to the Cape for a weekend of fun and relaxation, away from doctors, treatments, couches, etc. We landed at Provincetown, the furthest point along the Cape and stayed at a cute little bed and breakfast called the Prince Albert Inn. Autumn and I chuckled at the name and we were later consumed by the massive amounts of man art decorating the venue.  My mom who had made the reservations had no clue what she was getting us into; however, in all seriousness, the B&B was very cute and I would definitely recommend / return there again.

It was great to get out of dodge and experience the Cape. We really liked walking around Provincetown, exploring the little town shops, galleries and restaurants. The beaches in and around Provincetown rated among the best Autumn and I have seen since we've been on the East Coast. Though half my time was spent being pushed in a wheelchair, you cannot complain of fresh air and intermittent walks aided by a cane along sandy beaches.

The weather held out for us and really made for a magical weekend. This past month has been full of daily aches and pains, trials and tribulations. I've been ignoring my email / voicemail / blog and I do apologize. Some symptoms have quickly subsided while others have lingered for weeks. I've been ready to throw in the towel on several occasions and been quickly pulled back in by my support team. We live one day at a time, "Breathing in Hope and Breathing out Love," which each breath.


  1. I am so happy to hear that you were feeling well enough to get out of Boston for not just one, but two weekend breaks! Next stop... London? You are always welcome any time. :-)

  2. So happy to see you on the beach!!! I'm smiling back at you!! And joining you in breathing in hope and breathing out love. Lots of love, always.