Monday, May 9, 2011

Temodar, The First of the Oral Chemotherapies

Back in April during a meeting with our oncology team we discussed that there is a decreased probability that other IV chemotherapy drugs would work as we keep finding progression with similar treatments. Therefore, Navolbine was chosen to be one of the last infused chemotherapies we'd try and next we'd switch to oral medications which act on the tumor via different mechanisms.

On May 9th we started Temodar. It's a pretty easy chemotherapy with what seems like little noticeable side effects and allows simultaneous radiation which is good in the short term as I complete this present round of radiation on Friday. Basically I pre-medicate with a Tylenol and nausea pill an hour before bedtime and then take another single pill before going to bed.

I am still very numb from the sternum to the toes which is definitely an annoyance and impedes general walking and getting around. I'm also very bloated, not that I could really tell you or point to where the bloating is coming from as it's all numb. It's frustrating but I'm optimistic that things will get better after maybe getting a little worse.

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