Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Week, A New Treatment Plan

Starting about mid week last week I started complaining about a sciatica nerve pain shooting down the back of my right leg.  This was actually one of the initial pains that originally allowed me to identify my cancer one year ago.

Mass General Hospital is a well oiled ship and I cannot speak highly enough for the care I receive there.  Monday, after routine blood work for my Temodar treatment, my doctor scheduled me for a Lumbar / Sacral MRI.  Tuesday morning my radiation oncologist called me into his office for radiation planning and later on the same afternoon I received my first treatment, radiating lesions in my Sacral spine responsible for this new sciatica pain.  Today I received my second treatment and I should be finished by Saturday.

So it begins again!  A new week, more radiation and hopefully some relief soon.  We've been doing a better job managing my pain medicines and keeping me out of the hospital which is good, but it's been tough.  I'm still very numb, moving around is getting increasingly difficult.  My stomach is extremely bloated and, generally though I'm not in any pain, I am very uncomfortable.


  1. Jeff, It just made my day to read your blog. I've been checking every day and it is so good to get an update. Keep fighting. You are an inspiration.

  2. I'm glad that you are back on the blog and that you have a medication plan. Medication may make you feel "out of it" but the body needs to rest so healing can take place. I missed hearing from you so much. You know you're in my heart and mind every single day. I love you, as does all of the family and half of Delaware. XXXXX

  3. Jeff, I check every day for updates to your blog, and so good to see several this morning! You are always part of my day, in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up your incredible stamina, strength, and're a winner and such an inspiration to so many of us. Hugs, Kay