Saturday, May 21, 2011

Leading Up to the Spine Surgery #2

Thank you for all the well wishes and recent support.  Like any other episode I've experienced with this disease, I have entered the hospital with one set of complaints and then been admitted to the hospital for a completely different set of symptoms I hardly knew about.

Last Thursday we entered the hospital complaining about bloating in the abdomen, an increasing numbness from my sternum down to my toes and a sciatica-like pain radiating down the backside of both my legs.  Additionally Thursday was a planned day to recheck blood work to continue the oral Temodar chemotherapy... So things sort of worked out time wise.

At Thursday's appointment we decided a CT Scan of the abdomen / pelvis would be prudent to evaluate these new bloating symptoms, numbness and sciatica pains.  Immediately following the CT Scan I was consented for spinal surgery T4-T7.

To bring this back to a laymen's perspective brought lots of shock and confusion.  I was complaining of stomach / buttocks pains and was persuaded to have surgery in my upper back (between my shoulder blades).  The final CT Scan reading not only confirm my being FOS (full of s#*t) which we already knew :), but it also showed tumor progression throughout my abdomen, peritoneum, etc.  Surgery was not an option but a necessity to preserve motor function of my legs and bowel control.

I was given 20 minutes to consult with my family while they prepped the OR and rolled me upstairs.


  1. Your sense of humor in the midst of surgical discussions is phenomenal. I hope the surgery did what it is supposed to have done and you are mobile. I love you. XXXXX

  2. I really respect you Jeff, your attitude, sense of humor and bravery are admirable. You've really changed my perspective on so many things! you have touched so many of us and changed our lives forever!

  3. I discovered your blog because my partner was also diagnosed with metastatic myxoid liposarcoma. Needless to say what you write convinces all readers that you are an example and an inspiration. You reaffirm our faith in the trenchant vitality of the human spirit.

  4. You are amazing buddy... keep fighting and see you soon.

    Much Love,

    Adam & Annie