Saturday, December 18, 2010

30th Birthday Surprise

Despite all efforts to spoil the surprise, Autumn, my mom and the rest of my family and friends pulled off the best surprise party for my 30th birthday! Now, after the fact, it all makes sense: the cryptic conversations, the random emails, the cascading lies and the bizarre activities. I feel so silly for not seeing this coming.

Apparently it began many weeks ago when Autumn began to periodically hack into my email account to extract friend's email addresses, many of these people she had never met before. Then she crossed this list with everyone who had ever sent a letter or card (yes I have kept all of them!). And with this list an evite was sent.

Back at the Guyer ranch in Texas everything was status quo; however, on one specific occasion my mom passed a computer over my lap that alluded to a party being thrown for my birthday. She quickly covered this up saying that it was lie so that she could get out of some other social engagement which I believed (you must understand that my mom lies to her friends all the time and this sounded absolutely normal).

Later on in the week while I was trying to coordinate dinner plans with some friends I received an email that reference something like, "See you Saturday." I disregarded the response and then at the dinner the following day everyone was raving about a fun birthday party in Fort Worth and persuaded me to come.

As Saturday approached, I honestly forgot about all the emails and hints towards a party. I was looking forward to a nice dinner with my family and attending this birthday part in Fort Worth. When Dan (my brother-in-law) told me had had to escape his house and wanted to see "Tron" I obliged, though I thought it was a weird request in the middle of such a beautifully sunny day.

After the movie Dan raced back to my parent's house; I mean literally raced back! I was scared for my life and was just so happy to get out the car that I barely noticed the cars stacked up outside driveway.

And then I walked into the door ... SURPRISE!!!

What a treat! It was really so touching and special to have so many people come out to celebrate. Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event and to all my friends who blatantly lied to my face to make this all happen!

You can access the pictures by clicking the image below.

Surprise 30th Party


  1. To all my friends - that is NOT true! We loved every minute with you, Autumn and little Bensen. Miss you.



  2. Actually she lies to everyone, almost daily... think about that one :)