Wednesday, December 15, 2010

MD Anderson Consult

Intially when Autumn and I were planning a trip to Dallas we were wanting to plan around a consultation at MD Anderson.  We figured MD Andersin was geographically far enough from Boston to hopefully have access to different clinical trials than MGH/Dana Farber and we have lots of family in Texas.

After literally months of fighting with the insurance company to get approval and after the persistent letters from my primary care doctor in Boston, we received approval to move forward and I began compiling all my medical records to send to Houston.  Specifically we wanted to consult with Dr. Benjamin, the sarcoma specialist at MD Anderson.

A few days after receiving all my records I got a call from Houston saying, "Dr. Benjamin has personally gone through my records and not only agrees with my diagnosis and treatment thus far but also knows the doctors that are treating me in Boston and Dr. Benjamin thinks I'm in great hands."

I guess that's all I wanted to hear!!  So we're not going to MD Anderson :)


  1. Jeff, by contacting MD Anderson and receiving the reply, you have uncovered another stone that had not been investigated. Continue on,,,,you are where you should be. Always in my prayers. Kay

  2. That's great news, Jeff. It's always comforting to hear when one doctor feels that another doctor is doing the correct thing, and a good job. I'm sure that really brings you & Autumn peace of mind. I hope your visit home was wonderful, and I hope that you made it back to Boston safely!