Monday, December 13, 2010

Living Life, Not Planning

One of the major lifestyle adjustments that Autumn and I have made is that we don't make a lot of long term plans anymore. We live our lives one or two weeks in advanced and plan accordingly. There's no certainty in how well I'll feel or when I'll be able to receive treatments so we take each day and each week one at a time.

This new lifestyle made for fun adventures this past summer. Thursday evening would roll around and, if I was feeling okay, we'd search the internet for a fun destination, book a hotel and jump into the car after work on Friday. We attempted to seize every available opportunity and take advantage of the good times.

I had really forgotten about this lifestyle shift until this most recent trip to Dallas. Over the past couple days I've been quasi-planning a trip to Austin and simultaneously talking to my family in Houston to see we could wrap a Houston leg into our road trip. As things started to work out with visiting my Houston relatives I was met with adversity from my Dallas family / siblings: Why are you going to Houston? That wasn't apart of the plan? Why weren't we invited?

And that's the whole point; there never was a plan. We live our lives one week at a time and if we find an opportunity that sounds within reach, we take it! There's no certainty in what tomorrow may bring; we don't wait around for things to happen; carpe diem!

My plan turned out so good that now the entire family is meeting us in Houston for a mini family reunion. Should be fun!


  1. Jeff
    Its great to hear that things are going well. You are right live life by the minute and live it to the fullest. You have always been super effiicient. Best wishes for the Holidays.

    Ali& Gilda

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I discovered your blog through an email from Rick (your father?). Yes, facing big challenges bring “PACHIM KTANIM” (REGAIM SHEL OSHER- moments of great joy). My mother in law Mary (then was over 80) had an incident and was taken to the ER. The nurse did her an Alzheimer quiz. To the question” What seas the moment mean to u” Mary (who was fluent in Latin and the classics) replied” Carp Diem” and was edited ☺ Jeff, carp diem again and again, hopefully for many many years to come and happy day, ran.

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Nancy and I are thinking about adopting your new plan of living day-to-day. There's no rule that says you need an illness to do this.


    Nancy and Phil Shalen