Monday, June 14, 2010

Morphine & Plot Twist

Writhing in pain I begged the ER physicians to stop the pain; 12 mg of Morphine (max dose) didn't even come close. Over the past weekend I had been taking the pain medication my PCP prescribed for my DVT to take the edge off this new ailment and the ER physicians questioned me like they would a pain meds junkie. I was in so much pain I could barely look at or talk to them. After watching me struggle for a good hour or so they put me on a Dilaudid drip, and finally after a week of pain I found solace.

I spent the day at the hospital while the doctors performed the standard workup for a herniated disc with sciatica. Instead, the MRI revealed some sort of abnormal mass. The doctors didn't know what that meant but decided to keep me here for a couple of days while they run more tests.

To further illustrate the gravity of this event, my parents booked the first flight to Boston to be here with me (mind you my Dad returned to Dallas from Montreal this morning). Hopefully we'll be able to figure out the issue and get some resolve quickly. I appreciate everyone's support and will keep you updated.

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