Friday, June 18, 2010

Preliminary Results

Preliminary results of the biopsy are consistent with some type of cancer. This weekend and through the beginning of next week I have more scans and procedures scheduled to determine the exact type / kind of cancer. We're hoping for a final diagnosis no later than Tuesday which should outline the necessary treatment.

Treatments will start on Wednesday if all goes well and will likely include a combination of radiation and chemotherapy. The possibility of undergoing chemotherapy has still not hit me, but I'm definitely not excited. As you can imagine this has been an extremely taxing week for me but I do have my family here for support.

On a more positive note, the pain is COMPLETELY under control and I otherwise feel very well. I was discharged from the hospital and I have to say it's been very therapeutic to be home again!

Also, my mother-in-law arrived today to join the entourage which means so much to me. So now that's (2) Doctors, (1) Nurse and (1) Jewish Mother. I feel pretty special that I'm in such good hands. Below is a picture of my support team I added later (Benson is standing in for Autumn).

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  1. Tell your moms they're getting no where with those broken oars!