Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Man + Power Port

It's 7:30 am and I'm back in the interventional radiology waiting room for an appointment to get a port placed. A port is a little device that sits under my skin above my right boobie (pictures to come later). Attached to this device is a catheter that goes through my main vein (right internal jugular Autumn says) to my heart so that they may deliver the medicine and treatments more quickly through a central vein, compared to delivering medicine through a peripheral vein in my arm. The port has a plastic pincushion type surface so that the nurses have a large target to aim for rather than using small needle pricks to my veins.

..gotta go, it's time for my procedure..

Port is placed and I'm now admitted upstairs. The procedure was performed under conscious sedation which I think I now prefer. There's a chance I"ll set off airport security alarms now so they gave me this big packet with cards I can carry and even one of those rubber "Livestrong" type bracelets that says "Power Port." It's all pretty funny. I also have a Power Port keychain which is up for grabs if anyone wants.

Here's another funny story. When placing the port they first had to shave my chest above my right boobie. I asked the tech who was shaving my chest what it looked like and he responded, "It looks like you started to shave your chest and then got distracted."


  1. I have dibs on the power port keychain... and if I can get a picture of the bald chest hair patch from 4-5 angles, I could have some photoshop fun!

    Talk to you soon pal...


  2. I want to be in the lotto for the key chain too - just because I can. I'll pass on the bald chest hair pix; I blindly see my husbands beautiful chest, not the catheter and bald spots.

    I think Kevin should photo shop the pix by tattooing his face on your chest.

  3. Jeffrey, this is your cousin Cindy. I went through cancer and chemo years ago. My best advice I tell everyone experiencing it is to keep your sense of humor. You may have your private hellish moments, but humor keeps you going. It makes you feel better and also the others around you. I'm happy to see that you are keeping your very funny side live and well! Can't take that away!

  4. ill trade you the sonic flag for the key chain...

  5. Damn...I was really hoping for the Key Chain!!!

  6. We can thumb wrestle for the keychain then... but here is the proof that Jeff shaved his chest and got a tat with me on it!