Sunday, June 13, 2010

Grand Prix to the ER

Consulting my team of doctors (wife and father) it seemed like a classic L4-L5 herniation with right leg sciatica. Having flashbacks from the previous two days and to my doctors' recommendations, I watched the Grand Prix from my hotel room. That was pretty depressing, but my body was physically done with the abuse.

The day was filled with the constant deep pain that seemed to come in waves like contractions which were extremely painful (required holding my breath) followed by a brief lapse of comfort. During these "waves of pain" I started to appreciate the recommendation to stay in the hotel room and rest.

After the race, whereas we'd normally explore more of the town and finish the weekend with a nice steak dinner, Autumn and I instead packed up the car and prepared for our departure. I resumed my position stretched out in the back seat with my legs elevated, prepared to leave Montreal just as I came.

We humored the idea of driving home and contacting my primary care physician the next morning; however, as the contractions soon transformed into a tsunami of constant pain, it became obvious that the emergency room was the only clear choice.

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