Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sperm Collecting, 30 Shanks to the Leg Won't Keep Me Down!

So I opted out of posting pictures of myself sperm collecting (though there were many), but that's how my day started out. We visited an oncologist and learned all about "fertility preservation." For all you young, strapping gentlemen out there I would definitely advise you do this now instead of later, especially if you plan on having children in the next 5-10 years. When you're sick counts are low, pain medications don't help the matter and what you'll read later in this posting makes for "not-so-sexy time." You can imagine what you need to do and if you can't do "it" the alternative is an extremely painful process which luckily I won't have to go through :), but it's nice to know there's an alternative.

Later in the day I had a second biopsy to gather samples from the primary site to hopefully better identify the type of sarcoma to devise a more pointed treatment plan. The biopsy didn't have a great outcome considering they were anticipating (10) samples from (1) location but instead took (30) samples from (3) locations, but we remain hopeful. Three out of the 30 samples were really good which will hopefully lead to a diagnosis.

"Breathe in hope, breath out love" - Bernie Siegel

Today's biopsy was a CT guided biopsy performed with local anesthetic which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wish I could have brought my phone to take pictures because both the procedure and the machine/technology were very neat, and because they only used local anesthetic I could watch the CT guidance screens, ask questions, and tell them when they were hitting nerves (not so enjoyable). Also, after the procedure I was completely clear-headed which was a nice change to my opiate coma last week. This was a huge difference compared to my original biopsy performed under conscious sedation, which was really a misnomer in my case because they kept injecting more drugs into me until I shut up. After going through both sedations I'm not sure if really have a preference but would definitely recommend local anesthetic at least once.

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  1. One sperm says to the other: "How far is it to the ovaries?"

    The other one replies: "Relax. We just passed the tonsils."