Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Treatment Expectations

I have two expectations going into my treatment:

1.) Chemotherapy is administered in a Clockwork Orange style: doctors are going to strap me to a chair, tape back my eyelids and inject poison into my veins until I scream while white coats surrounding me furiously take notes in their laboratory books.

2.) The facilities at MGH resemble a spa-like resort where I'll sit atop the penthouse suite overlooking Boston's skyline while nurses and murses (male nurses) are waiting on me hand and foot.


  1. Have you considered the psychedelic version with lollipop lights and oompa loompa nurses? With enough sedation, anything is possible ;)

  2. Larry I are thinking only VERY positive thoughts! You will do great Jeff. By the way, I never knew you were such a great writer!

  3. Yah, well, good luck with #2 - you are not in California anymore, and of course that is where all the tanned hot FEMALE nurses live and work.

    You are also not helping me like Clockwork Orange anymore than I already don't - the movie left me feeling disturbed. Perhaps it is just me that is disturbed.

    I think you should send Autumn for a mani or a pedi every time you go for a treatment though:) She will have earned every bit of it in the coming weeks. Gotta take good care of your gal - we know she'll take good care of you.

    Keep smilin'

    PS I am a totally on board with Kevin's comment - I would go there or some version of it.

  4. Marsha and I are always seeing things from the "spa" side of life. It just makes anything a little easier to handle. I don't want to tell you what spa service Marsha thought child birth was like. Keep smiling...we are all there with you.
    David and Marsha

  5. Jeff! We miss you during your treatment!