Thursday, June 10, 2010

In the Beginning

It started Sunday night (6/6) with a flash of pain in my right calf. Being used to random pains in my body every since my DVT last December, I added the pain to the on-going list of things to discuss with my primary care physician at my monthly appointment.

The next day I got into my car to drive to work and my right leg went numb from the knee down. As I continued my half hour commute to work the numbness turned into a deep pain and I raced to the office so that I could get out of my car. Back on my feet again the pain soon subsided.

For the next two days I traveled to and worked in Ohio with little incident. My back and body was stiff, but it had been for the past several weeks. On a morning drive Wednesday I felt a similar pain to Monday's event but to a lesser degree; thought during my morning meetings I had to stand up to relieve the pain. I returned home that evening. The pain seemed to be only related to sitting in a car; I have no problems sitting in an airplane.

Back home again, my drive to work Thursday was extremely painful. I had the same numbness pain; however it took several hours to subside. At my desk I had to constantly adjust myself, getting up to stretch my back and even sitting on the floor while I was on the phone.

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