Saturday, July 31, 2010

Newport and the MSPCA

All things considered, this has turned out to be great summer :)

This weekend both my dad and mom were in town so decided to go on an adventure to Newport, Rhode Island. We woke up early, packed up the car and set sail in our rental boat (rental car while mine is still in the shop) to the littlest tiniest state in America. We had a short pit stop at the MSPCA to drop off Benson to get neutered and then full steam ahead!

Oh Newport! The land of Cinnamon Bears, Shrinky Dinks and Harbor Cruises, or at least that was our version.

We got there and walked (I got wheeled) around the cute shops downtown, picking up candy and toys along the way and then headed to the harbor for lunch. We ate at this delicious restaurant called The Cooke House Restaurant and people watched the bustling harbor traffic. Apparently, though our intentions were to avoid summer traffic on the cape, this particular weekend in Newport was one of the busiest due to a folk music festival.

After lunch we boarded an open air ferry that took us on a narrated guided tour of the harbor. It was amazing and my dad got yelled at a hundred times for standing up and taking pictures. The air was cool and along the way we could hear the music festival off the shore.

Pretty beat we threw in the towel and decided to skip the Newport Mansion Tours, saving them for another visit and headed back home. We picked up Benson from his castration, and a tired Jeff and violated Benson retired to the couch.

Can you believe his discharge notes said "castration?" Now I feel bad!


  1. haha, he wont be humping your arm! looking good brother man.

  2. haha- and when I took charlie it said the same thing. Just terrible.

  3. Oh gosh, he looks so sad :( Sounds like you guys had an awesome time!