Monday, July 19, 2010

Ready for Round 2

The announcer starts, "Fighting out of the blue corner we have challenger Round and Myxoid Type Liposarcoma." The crowd returns a unanimous volley of discontent. "And fighting out the red corner we have the undefeated champion Jeffrey Guyer!" The crowd roars with cheer. "Let's get Ready to Rumble!"

And so Round 2 begins...

I'm not excited for the next coming days, not even a little... surprised? I don't think I'm supposed to be. Last round was really tough; I mean really tough. I could barely leave the couch and whenever I did I either fell back to sleep or wanted puke all over myself. Only now do I really feel as if I've regained my strength from last round and the doctors want to knock me down again. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

However, going into Round 2 I do feel I have a lot things working in my favor:
  1. I am healed - Going into Round 1 I was beat up. I had a huge scar from my port along with very uncomfortable dressings on both my upper chest and neck. Additionally I was still healing from the multiple biopsies in my lower back and left calf.
  2. The doctors know how to deliver the drugs - There should be no more "talking ragtime," and if there is it's because of other drugs I've requested.
  3. I'm prepared - I know what to expect, and I have a better idea of what I need to do. I'm going to get out of bed, do a lot of walking around and spend much more time in the community areas. Last time laying in bed for three day drained all my energy.
  4. I look the part - This weekend Autumn shaved my head. Pictures to follow soon.
Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck today, Jeff! We know you'll kick Myxoid Type Liposarcoma's a**!!

  2. You've got this one in the bag, Jeff. NO CONTEST! A Team all the way...tough like Mr. T!

  3. You will KICK ASS! I'm so happy you've found your new persona You will knock that bugger right out of the ring and all who love you will watch you do it. Remember between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight, qigong and Reiki energy will be pouring right to you and accelerate healing. XXXXX Sandy who is wearing your bracelet and not taking it off until you are finished treatment.

  4. Sometimes the treatments taking a little tweaking.
    sounds like you have a great plan in place. One you begin the anti-nausea medications, begin the laxatives! If you need to back off, do so.
    Get some good music to listen to and relax through the treatment. Distraction is great also. LIke you said, mingle in the community areas.
    A lot of times, these cancer centers have some wonderful support groups as well. Will be thinking of you. Rochelle

  5. Good luck Jeff! Kick some ass!

  6. Proud of you bud, so great seeing your face last night. hope you had a much easier day today than round 1. love the pic bro, glad someone was able to take that pic! its a framer!
    talk to you soon

  7. Jeff- you have an amazing outlook! You are right- going into round 2, you know what to expect. I remember the pts. I took care of would feel like a cruel joke was being played on them- they'd just get back on their feet from a round of chemo, only to get knocked back down by the next round. I only hope it gets easier for you. Besides the love & support of your family and friends, don't forget about music. I have always found that listening to music helps in so many ways....and the love of a wonderful dog! :-) You'll be in my thoughts. Take care! Melanie

  8. Good luck Jeff! Your sailing post made me think about when you took me our on the boat at Penn. And your Penn Sailing keg! Hang in there buddy.

  9. Jeff, your whole life has been up-ended, and still you maintain this amazing attitude and positivity. I am in awe, truly, though I have to say I would never have expected anything less from you. As you can see from the comments, we are all here with you and behind you. Except, you're the one who has to take the treatment. You're right, second time is both better and worse - good news: you know what to expect; bad news: you know what to expect. Good news: this is going to help in the long run, and the long run is what you're here for.

    Much love....

  10. i love the sail boats keep busy you are doing great prayers every day
    peggy bill adam presents on the way to you