Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sailing the Charles

Today was a great day! Autumn and I joined the Community Boating Center down the street from our apartment. Its a great boathouse ~15 minute walk from our place that focuses on encouraging and educating the community about sailing. All membership proceeds go toward instructional classes and allow children to sail for $1.

Although I didn't actually get to sail I was able to get my solo boating license. Figure that one out. They had me rigging boats and answering obscure boating questions about points of sail and right of way. I sure fooled them!

Even though no "sailing" occurred it was nice to be outside and near the water. Many summers and practically my entire collegiate experience was spent on a boat. We signed up for the year which entitles us to approximately 364 more days of sailing. I'm pretty psyched.

The funny part is that even though I have ~10 years of sailing experience they wouldn't let me - 1.) take Autumn out on a boat or 2.) sail with a jib - until I take another test, though my dad and sisters may warn otherwise.

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  1. I don't advise anyone with a sane mind to go sailing with Jeff. He once capsized our sailboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean when we were in Hawaii. However, Jeff, I might reconsider sailing with you again because the CHarles River is not nearly as rough as the Pacific! Maybe we can take the girlies in a few weeks if you get your license before we come up :) ! Love you brother!