Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chinatown and Movies

On Saturday Night the girls and I went to New Jumbo Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown. We ate like kings and then went to the movies.

I really like going to the movie theaters. I think the introduction video for AMC movies truly epitomizes why people go to the movies. It's a scene where vines grow around someone sitting in a movie theater seat and then the seat is lifted off the ground and thrown into a wonderland of disbelief and fantasy.

During the movie I forgot about everything: about the cancer, about the pains in my legs, about walking with a cane and giving myself daily shots. The movie was great too - The Karate Kid.


  1. What a good looking group of girls you have surrounding you! Love, mom

  2. Look at you with all the ladies! I went to the movies this weekend too, saw Eclipse no less. So, "Jake" in the movie kept reminding me of you. You look like him and believe me that is a GOOD thing! Especially with your short hair now! Glad to see you are doing better :)


  3. Hi Auitie :). Where is Lincoln?

  4. ok, well, the girls look nice, but what about that Chinese food! is that orange chisel I see?