Friday, July 9, 2010

Dog Park, Walking 1 Mile

I've been sticking to the plan: walking further everyday, focusing on my physical therapy and getting healthier. Today we went for a big walk to the dog park in the Common then walked home via Charles Street, roughly 1 mile. It felt good to walk and, though I think I overdid it, walking a full mile was reassuring!

My mom left and she passed the baton to my sisters which has really been a treat. We've been having fun making puzzles and hanging out. The picture posted above is from the dog park in the Common.

Thanks to everyone who sent me advice on hemorrhoids. However, in my last posting I was actually asking for suggestions on how to take pain medication. I think only Zac (aka zBlikes) got the joke, and yes.. you're supposed to bump them; that's what the addicts do.

Going for another walk!


  1. SO SO glad that your beautiful sisters ( love the happy photo) are there to spend some fun quality time together with you and Autumn when she is home... the only advice about pain meds is take with a full stomach and always take a stool softener..Keep writing Jeff, I think you may have found a 2nd career..Love, Nancy and Larry

  2. I just LOVE this picture! You guys have the prettiest smiles!


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  4. Jeff, I'm happy that your sisters are there with you. Lots of love to all of you.

  5. Thanks for sharing all of this with your new work buddies, Jeff! I loved your comment about how you needed to come into work because you needed something to do. I cherish the opportunities to be reminded that work is a means to an end -- a necessary distraction from the things that are really important!

  6. I suggested medical marjiuana!!! :)