Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Port Pictures & Banana Milkshakes

On Monday we took off the steri-strips from my port incisions. That felt great! For a week now it had felt like someone was pushing their thumb into the right side of the neck. You can imagine this feeling getting old pretty fast.

The incision seems to have healed nicely and now I have a cool scar to show off during the summer. If you look carefully at the picture below you can see the catheter which extends from the port starting in the center of the scar, traversing vertically over my collar bone and into my neck. At this point the catheter enters my jugular vein and curves downward until it terminates in the superior vena cava, just upstream of the right atrium of my heart. Pretty cool!

The past couple days have been filled with waves of clarity countered by waves of nausea / dizziness. I liken the feeling to a manic pendulum. I wake up in the morning and feel like running three miles and then I stand up and lie back down. I sit at my desk and shuffle paperwork and then I get really lightheaded and have to retire. Even so, everyday is getting a little bit better and everyday I'm getting a little bit stronger.

My appetite has changed. I really like plain foods, nothing too complicated. My mom has been keeping me going on banana milkshakes. Tea and chicken broth makes my mouth salivate. I've lost 10 pounds already so I'm at half my goal... haha.


  1. go Jeff, be careful posting those topless pictures, GQ may get a hold of them!!!!

  2. Banana milkshakes are the best! If you can stomach it, add some chocolate milk powder to them - soo yummy!

  3. just be careful you don't mix whey powder with milk... I did that for a while until a trainer friend told me I was mixing milk with milk, and somehow that was no good. who knew? anyway, check out rice powders. they're better for you because there's also no gluten, so it's easier to digest. actually, you could even throw out the whole milk thing and switch to whole grain rice milk. it's actually delicious, at least compared to skim or low percent milks.

  4. oh, and I forgot to mention... sexy!!! ;-)