Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Dome!

So there it is! I know I've been promising pictures of my beautiful dome and now you have it. It's quite symmetric and I forgot I have a cool scar on the back of my head from when I was 21 and my brain had reached capacity so my head started growing a new brain. The doctors said it was cyst but I know the truth (and now you do).

I have no hair. It's actually growing back but because I kept demonstrating to people how my hair is falling out it's a little splotchy. I know it doesn't look bad, but it still provides me a constant reminder that I have cancer. I'd suggest anyone planning on getting cancer should shave their head a good year in advance to really grow into their bald head.

I'm generally doing okay. I've weened off all my medicines but my head still spins when I concentrate or stand up. Last night Autumn lent me her hair during dinner.


  1. dude, mom was proud of me for not shaving my head..im still up in the air. I think i still may..the beard it still growing like a caveman.

  2. Hair is overated Jeff, you've got a big responsibility now. You are part of an elite group of other sexy bald headed males of which I happen to be the president. Your dad has been resisting, we'll see how long that lasts!....TJ

  3. It's amazing how your body accomodated all those brains! humans need to build additions to create new space to fill. You look good with the "dome"
    give your Mom a hug for me

  4. It was great chatting with you today! And you should be proud, you have a nice, smooth skull. If I were to have my head it would reveal all of the lumps, bumps, dips and divets. I guess I was dropped a lot as a child. Glad to read that round two was much better than round one. Hopefully round three will be even easier!

  5. That is such a funny picture of you wearing Autumns hair haha!! I am so glad this treatment was much better this time. Each one will hopefully be better than the other. I got you a little treat from the Bahamas Ill send it with mom when she comes home or unless I see you before then-which I would love!! Had a lot of fun and took pics Ill attach them in an email and send them to you. I am in Miami now so I will take pics from here and send them to you as well! Miss you and autumn and benson so much! Keep your head up your doing great so far and before you know it you all your treatments will be over and you will be healed and have fought the devil! Hope to talk to you on the phone soon- by the way it was so great talking to you on the phone when I was in the Bahamas and now its much easier to talk bc I am in the states and we can talk longer! Love you lots and talk soon!

  6. What a beautiful head! Wear it proudly! You also look very good in Autumn's hair. Thinking of you every day and so relieved that this treatment went easier. XXXX Love, Sandy