Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Awakening

A couple days after the chemotherapy I "wake up." That's the easiest way to explain the feeling. You just wake up and open yourself to a new day.

Unfortunately it's kind of like Ground Hog Day: nausea, pills, shots, couch, sleep. But it's a new day and between the medicines and shots you can do anything you want (as long as it doesn't involve lifting 10 lbs, bending over or walking > 5 minutes... this is all due to the lesions on my back).

For the past couple of days I've been feeling a little better. Round 2 was definitely better than Round 1. I was discharged from the hospital on Thursday and started "waking up" after my Neulasta shot of on Saturday morning (Can you believe that one shot costs $3500.. we're getting our insurance money's worth this year!). Even the days before the awakening I was able to eat and be a little more than a slug on the couch.

I've had my two moms here which has been a great help and my aunts (mom's sisters) come tonight! We will feast :)


  1. So glad that this round was better. Eat as much as you can when you can, Jeffrey! Anything and everything. Think King Henry VIII Sending love as always.. Sandy

  2. Jeffery you are doing a remarkable job with this blog- the wit and buoyancy of each entry make for optimistic anticipation of success with the treatments. Your spirit leaves no room for doubt of your ultimate victory. I'm joining the long list of admirers and followers wishing you well and thanking you for your inspiration!
    -Jim Shapiro

  3. Jeff- just received the "Breath in Hope, Breath out Love" bracelet. I ate at World Famous yesterday and took some pictures to share with you. I will email them later today. I'm pleased to hear this round was a bit better.

  4. Hi Jeff,
    You don't know me--I work with your dad at Texas Back, in the SpineMark Research department--and I can tell from your writing that you're definitely a chip off the old block. I know where you get your upbeat attitude--I don't think I have ever seen your dad without a smile on his face. Please know that all of us who love and admire him--and we are legion--are pulling for you, praying for you, and wishing we could do something to help. I look forward to hearing good reports from you as your treatment progresses!
    Jane Rahmani