Friday, July 16, 2010

And so it Begins..

So it has started! My hair is officially falling out. I first noticed it last night as I was going to sleep. As I laid down on the pillow my hair fibers felt like daggers digging into my scalp. I had to first smooth the hairs which were to touch the pillow before I lay my head down.

Today our friend Heather Kapson came over to drop off cupcakes and in conversation I could pinch hair on the side of my head and pull it right out. There was no resistance, not even a slight tug back saying, "I like this haircut.. it looks goood!"

I don't know why it's the hair on your head that has to fall out. Why can't it be my back hair, my chest hair or the hairs that catch dingle-berries between my cheeks? Why can't my pubes fall out and spell the words "Porn Star?" But no, the hair on my head falls out.


  1. Bald is beautiful and at least we know the meds are working!!! Unlike me your hair will grow back.
    Love Dad

  2. Sitting in the movies I counted 10 bald men within small couple of rows. U are finally in style! And without going to salvation army!

  3. Querido Jeff:

    Esperamos que todo este bien, seguimos leyendo tu blog... Un abrazo desde SD.


  4. You will look like a total wax job. It will all go, even your pubes,but it will come back thicker than ever. Keep on fighting!!! You are a great guy.
    Toby (Brooke's mom)

  5. It will grow back thicker and curlier!! Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!
    Victor put your name into his church prayer circle.
    Always thinking of you!
    Rochelle Horadam

  6. I agree with least we know the meds are working!! Remember this is just temporary and before you know it you will have long hair like you did before you cut it! On a good note it will be cooler for the summer while its so hot! Oh brother I wish I had your sense of humor :)! I love you and cant wait to see you next!! And I am going on a search for your bubble gum..let me know if there are anymore cravings!! xoxo


  7. You will get a JAFRO back in action before you know it! Keep up the great attitude and the fight! You are constantly in my thoughts.

  8. Jeff,
    I have always been partial to bald men! I am sure Autumn will find it sexy!

  9. Dingle-berries are so sweet...why would you want to give those up? This is just another step in the fight...

  10. I would wake up and find a whole head of hair lying on the pillow. When I washed my hair, I would get handfuls. It's disconcerting to say the least in the beginning, but I think bald men are extremely virile looking -- especially if teamed with a keen sense of humor, wit and the ability to go through rounds of chemo without losing the "fight back" spirit. VROOM VROOM Jeffrey. Hair grows back and will be thicker than ever -- mine did -- I look like Mrs. Mophead now. It's short but feisty. LOVE YOU Sandy, John, Rebecca, Nick and Kevin too. XXXXXXXX

  11. just think you will be hotter and sexier keep the fight going

  12. Jefferson- You are a modern day Vin Diesel............

    your sense of humor is great. You're doing a great job and inspiring me and many others I am sure.

  13. After I get a job I will wax my body to show support. And eat apple pie of course.